Foreign nationals may require a work permit to work in Canada temporarily. We prepare work permit applications with attention to detail(s) and include detailed submissions along with mandatory documents and evidence that has a greater probative value.  There are several kinds of work permits:

  • Post-Graduation work permit;
  • Spousal open work permit (for spouses of students and skilled workers);
  • LMIA based work permits;
  • Owner Operator LMIA based work permits;
  • Intra Company Transfer (ICT) based work permits;
  • International Experience Canada work permits; and
  • Bridging open work permit.

If you intend to apply for a work permit, we invite you to contact our office.

Note: Please be advised that we are lawyers, and our scope of work does not involve providing job offers [LMIA] or finding Canadian employers for prospective applicants.