A Notary Public is an impartial public official who can administer oaths and affirmations, take declarations, witness signatures, and certify copies of documents. The notarized documents can be used in any jurisdiction within or outside of Canada. If the notarized document is to be used outside Canada or the jurisdiction in which it was signed, the same may require authentication for the recognition by the other jurisdictions. Authenticating a document is free. It proves that the signature, the position of an official and the seal on a certified document are genuine. Other jurisdictions or countries will recognize your authenticated document as a valid copy. Before sending the document to the destination country or jurisdiction, you must check and verify if your document needs authentication by contacting the embassy or consulate of your destination country within Canada. We offer notarization services which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Immigration Documents
  • Administering oaths
  • Taking declarations
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certifying copies for documents
  • Certifying the translation to be true for the documents in English, Hindi and Punjabi.